Playpal Games focuses on transforming our users health and lifestyle by fusing art with technology. Gaming is no longer unhealthy! By utilizing our research on the Gamification of Health, we are challenging the stigma around gaming via our Keeko and Bon Bon JUMP games!


With our flagship Keeko Health Game, every step counts! Every sweat counts! Our gamified health model encourages you to stay healthy and earn Fitcoins. Here’s your chance to upgrade and/or revive new characters, unlock new ones, and access Keekos virtual gift store. To learn more about our Keeko Combat game, visit:, or watch the trailer



With this super fun spin-off game, you can now jump your way to better health. Accept the challenge to a more active life and earn Fitcoins! To learn more about our Bon Bon JUMP! game, watch the trailer here



Glide your way to better health with Iggy in this classic single-tap adventure skating game. Don’t miss the chance to help The Resistance defeat Falfa - download Iggy Skate today!