In 2016, Playpal and Johns Hopkins University studied the affects of technology on positive behavioral change in children and adolescents and its potential for preventing and reversing childhood obesity. The study concluded that Gaming coupled with real-life incentives has a positive effect on human behavior and can actually aid individuals in making better choices with regard to their nutrition and physical activity instead of being detrimental to their health.

Over the last year, Playpal has produced a gaming platform that monitors both energy intake and expenditure. Further, it incentivizes individuals with real-life rewards to help keep them motivated to accomplish their health goals while empowering them to take complete control of their lifelong health.

In addition, Playpal has secured support from leading industry and nonprofit players such as Aetna, Underarmour, United Way and Centura Health and is well on its way to transforming the childhood health community in Colorado and beyond

Furthermore, a pilot of the first Playpal game, Keeko, is in beta testing right now, with a large Kickstarter Campaign Scheduled in November 2017.

Playpal’s mission is create the ultimate gaming conduit to your Health and Well-being.

A world in which every individual unites to Play for better health.

Eesha Sheikh Playpal

Eesha Sheikh

Eesha is a young entrepreneur and aspiring advocate for children’s health. Having been a victim of obesity and bullying throughout her pre-teen years, she is now empowered to raise awareness on childhood obesity. Eesha’s childhood struggles with self-esteem and body image issues have motivated her to turn her dream into a reality. Her desire to have an impact on the world has led her to cofound Playpal. Before her ambitious venture into the gaming and IT industry, Eesha pursued a bachelors degree in Medicinal Chemistry. She graduated with a Bachelors and Graduate degree in Organic Chemistry within four years from Bryn Mawr College. After completing both degrees at the age of 22, she founded Evolutionaire Studios, an app development & design company that has done work for Pepsi, Nestlé and several other Fortune 500 companies.

Steve Lopez Playpal

Steve Lopez

Steve is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive who is a lifelong advocate for childhood health and well-being. Naturally, his passion lead him to co-found Playpal. Since then he has dedicated himself and his team to incorporate ways for children to be responsible for their own daily health while having fun doing it! Steve has held various executive leadership roles (President, CEO, Founder, VP) at public, private, and venture backed companies. Most recently, he held the President and CEO position of a venture capital backed company that was successfully sold to another venture capital company. He has previously served in executive roles for startups, turnarounds and established companies looking for new strategic visions to enter fresh markets. Hailing from Colorado, Steve is a big believer in giving back to the community. He has donated his time and resources over the last twenty five years to children focused organizations such as Children's Hospital, and Mile High United Way.

vic ahmed playpal co-founder

Vic Ahmed

A serial entrepreneur, Vic is a visionary behind Innovation Pavilion. Vic has built several startup companies from scratch and he has the gift for translating visions and foresight into sizeable business opportunities. He has consistently demonstrated the commitment and energy needed to raise angel , venture and private equity funding, with world-class teams. In both large corporations and startups, Vic formed a reputation as a visionary by articulating concepts and plans to investors, employees, partners, and customers alike. A leader that is hands-on, results-oriented, technically skilled and experienced, he is at home in a high-growth, high-tech business environment. He has raised tens of millions of dollars and managed hundreds of employees, with the ability to quickly adjust to market changes by balancing between strategic planning and focused execution.